Lexington Station

The costs of living in lexington station Asheville, it is 33% higher than the national average. One of the main reasons is availability costs are included in the vehicle, which is practically a necessity. The cost of essential household items can also wildly vary from region to region. Movie stars and multimillionaires call some of Asheville in the vicinity of the house fine shops and prices reflect this. Choosing your neighborhood will define your costs. If you live in countries with low key Asheville your job can be added, but local restaurants and housing will be reasonable. If you want to live in high-end accommodation, restaurants and life in general will cost a fortune lexington station.

To get the area you want lexington condos at a price you can live with a simple formula can be used. Divide your monthly income (after tax) income by three. Not much more than a third of your income should go to rent to insure that you can pay the cost of living. If this figure does not net you the desired lifestyle you still have options lexington station Asheville. Make more money, consider a different neighborhood, or consider a different living arrangement by taking in the room.

Lexington Station features:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless appliances
  • 9′ ceilings with crown molding
  • Whirlpool bathtubs
  • Outdoor green space
  • Interior garage parking